Privacy & Policy

Privacy & Policy

This privacy policy explains the types of Personal Information that we collect on ourwebsite, how we use the information given, and with whom we may share it.
Ourprivacy policy also explains the measures in advance protecting the security of theinformation. When registering on our sites, in relevant, you may be asked to fill upyour name, email address, mobile number, credit card information, passportinformation or other details to guide you with your experience and to have your visaprocessed successfully. Please read the content below to learn how we collect,protect and use your information when you interact with us through our website.Non-government corporationWe are a private company that is based in Malaysia which is not co-operated withthe government.Information we collect and how we used it

1. We collect Personal Information such as :

  1. - Your name
  2. - Contact information (address, mobile number and email)
  3. - Passport information
  4. - Visa Card number

2. This information will only be used completely for the Visas.

3. You can choose not to provide us with your Personal Information while in thissite as we do not collect personal information that is provided involuntarily.

4. All the Personal Information provided will be filed as confidential and will notbe used without any of your authorization.

5.We may use the information that you have submitted when you filled up anapplication form for apply visa, make a purchase, surf the website or useother certain site features in order to process your transactions instantly.Other Information

On our site, we do automatically save submitted computer database such asbrowser type, IP address, server information, operating system.

Email collectionWe may collect your email in order to progress the arrangement and send relevantinformation about updates/new features of the progression. We may also send ournew or further information about your product and service. You can choose to opt outthese materials anytime by unsubscribe future emails. We will instantly remove youfrom all the correspondence.

Third-party revelationWe will not involve with any third-party production on this website such as selling ortrading to outside parties unless we support user with prior notice. This does notinvolve website hosting partners and other parties who collaborate with us inmanage our website, organize our business, providing our users since those partiesagree to store this information as confidential. We may also deliver information whichis relevant to follow with the law, administer our site policies, or to secure ours andother’s rights.Google

1. Google’s advertising requirements can be summarize by Google’s AdvertisingPrinciples.

2. DART cookie which uses by Google as a third-party vendor will authorize toserve ads on our website and our users based on previous visits to ourwebsite. Users can choose to opt out the use of DART cookie by visiting theGoogle Ad and Content Network privacy policy.

Google Display Network Impression ReportingWe as well with third-party vendors such as Google use first-party cookies (like theGoogle Analytics cookies) and the third-party cookies (like the DoubleClick cookie)or other third-party who analyse together to organize information concerning userinteractions with ad impressions and other ad service that link to our website.

Opting outUsers can fix preferences for how Google advertises or displays to you by using theGoogle Ad Settings page. Instead, you can choose to drop out by visiting theNetwork Advertising initiative opt out page or using the Google Analytics opt outBrowser for all time.

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